This blog is about my life as a writer. Or trying to be one. If you are looking about advice on how to write, techniques, characterization and such, there are plenty of other excellent blogs out there that might advise you far better. You might find a few bits here and there about these things but this is mostly about the life, trials, and tribulations of someone who is trying to make it as a writer. If this is something that appeals to you dear reader, then read on.

You may find that you are not the only person in the world facing these same problems. When the story refuses to speak to you, when your characters do things that were not in the script, when you have ideas and no time, or time and no ideas, or no time and no ideas…you get the picture. I leave out the perfect situation of having time and ideas. If you are like most authors you will open your pc, or notebook if you prefer longhand, and then remember that you have to do the washing, ironing, tidy the house, pick up the kids, or wash the dog. It’s called avoidance and we’ll talk about it in the future.

But for now, this is just me trying to get people to read the blog, and to chronicle the life of an author, how I write, the problems, the small triumphs (few and far between, but none the less…), writing a story from the beginning, hopefully to the end. The submission, when you send it out to seek its fortune and hope for the best. If you’re lucky you might get an acceptance letter. At the moment I’m getting the other kind of e-mails. The ones that start with “Thank you for your submission.” But, I’d like to think that we are in good company. J.K. Rowling got lots of rejection letters. So did James Paterson, George- Game of Thrones-Martin and Stephen-the legend-King. I just like to think that we are in good company.

A few things about me. I have recently finished a PhD in business, and after that experience I have decided that now is the time to pursue my dream of being a writer. It was now or never really, so I have given myself a specific length of time to try and make it. By making it I mean completing and publishing a novel. But I do also write short stories, so there will be discussions and anecdotes about them as well.

So, dear reader, would you like to join me on this journey? If yes climb aboard, we are about to sail. We are about to set off to a far away land. A strange land, but one full of mysteries and wonders. And thank you for reading this and joining me on the journey. If not, thank you for reading anyway.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let me begin…


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