Durovernum Cantiacorum part III


Cathedral Gate

Durovernum Cantiacorum as the Romans called it is a very ancient place. If you visit, which I strongly suggest ( for people in and out of the UK) this place has an amazing energy. A vibrant lovely aura which gives you a warm feel good sensation. (This is where I get an award from the city tourist board 😉 )

Canterbury is a very old place with many different people living here through the ages.  It has been inhabited since the Neolithic times. The first century AD the Romans arrived in Britain and completely redesigned the place. The built new streets in a grid, a theatre, a temple, a forum and public baths. The Romans conquered England but when they reached Scotland they took one look and thought their Empire is big enough (might also have something to do with the fierce Pict warriors covered in blue paint). The Romans built a wall to keep the Scots out also known as Hadrian’s wall, parts of which are still there today. During the summer people walk along it to exercise, sight see or walk their dogs.

On the 4th century the Romans left England and Durovernum Cantiacorum almost faded away. Anglo-Saxons settled there and renamed it Cantwaraburh meaning Kent’s People’s stronghold.

Canterbury was the first place where Christianity arrived in Britain.

In 595 Ad Pope Gregory chooses Augustine, the prior of a monastery in Rome, to lead an expedition to Britain, to Christianize the Anglo-Saxon pagan natives. Kent was chosen because King Æthelberht had married the Christian princess Bertha. In 597 AD the kingdom of Kent converted to Christianity. St. Augustine founded an Abby in Canterbury, the ruins of which can be still seen today, and became the first Archbishop of Britain.

More about Canterbury in our next post.

Again all photos in this post belong to me. If you like them and want to use them, please mention the blog. 🙂

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3 Responses to Durovernum Cantiacorum part III

  1. clareswritingblog says:

    Lovely photos, it has given me inspiration to write something with these photos as a plot or a scene of some sort 🙂 did you take the photos?

  2. clareswritingblog says:

    Thanx 🙂 thank you for letting me stories from the photos, maybe a while before writing them as I’m currently working on something else 🙂 I hope that’s ok 🙂

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